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Digital Holographic Microscopes from Lyncée tec
Non-invasive three dimensional imaging at nanometric resolution in realtime.
Lyncee tec, Lausanne, Switzerland 
With Digital Holographic Microscopy characterize your samples like you couldn’t before!

Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) is a patented technology exploiting the strength of holography. DHM® is unique as it offers non-scanning and non-contact 3D microscopic measurements. It offers solutions for static and dynamic 3D characterization in material science and life science applications.

Reflection Type DHM

Transmission Type DHM
General Key Features:

Non-scanning aquisition = Real time 3D
- Full field 3D measurements limited only by camera shutter

Digital Focussing and Tilt Correction
Refocus and tilt correct post-measurement without sample movement

Wide Range of Objectives
Maintain interferometric resolution with long working distance lenses, immersion lenses and/or through a medium (e.g. coverglass or window)

Key Features for Holographic Profilometry (Reflection Type DHM):

- No sample damage; measurement through a window with any lens allows sample to be kept in inert environment.

Metrological Precision
- Interferometric resolution (sub-nm) with vertical calibration set by laser wavelength

- 3D reconstruction requires only a single aquisition giving excellent vibration resistance

Key Features for Biological Imaging (Transmission Type DHM):

Quantitative Phase
- Not just a contrast technique, extract quantities such as thickness, refactive index, dry mass, ion flux etc.

Strictly non-invasive
Low powered laser and label free with no phototoxicity nor photobleaching.