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Electrochemical Sensors and Substrates
Windsor Scientific offers a range of electrochemical sensors/devices and high quality substrates for a variety of applications:

Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes:
A novel conductive material for electrochemical research, features include:
  • Very wide potential window
  • High mechanical strength and wear resistance
  • High thermal conductivity

Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes
BioNano Gold coated glass:
Magnetron Sputtered for high degree of structural quality, advantages include:
  • Different glass types and sizes
  • Precise thickness control of Gold layer
  • Optional titanium adhesions layer
Ideally suited for SPR experiments and local probe studies.

BioNano Gold
Au(111) thin films on Mica:
Epitaxially grown on freshly cleaved high quality mica, advantages include:
  • Freshly grown with no need for hydrogen flame annealing
  • Large gold terraces
  • Different gold geometries for maximum number of measurements
Perfect for AFM and STM surface quality measurements and monolayer studies

PHASIS Au(111)/Mica
SMART Silicon Microdevices:
Prefabricated microelectrodes, microsensors and microactuators:
  • Large variety of configurations
  • Supplied mounted or unmounted
  • Includes devices stable in organic solvents
SMART Silicon Microdevices