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3D Surface Microscopy 

Flexible techniques for surface analysis

Windsor Scientific offers a unique range of instruments for 3D surface analysis, each working with a unique set of techniques to allow the user to not only image their surface but to measure quantitative parameters such as roughness, form and feature dimensions. Each technique has it`s own set of advantages for the measurement of different surface types and so to help users to pick which system might be best suited to their application the following tables summarise the general technical specifications between the techniques and give a brief summary of the strengths and key application areas for each system:

Instrument type Nanosurf AFMs Lyncee Tec Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM-R) Sensofar PLu
Imaging technique Atomic Force Microscopy High Resolution AFM Single Wavelength DHM Dual Wavelength DHM Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI) Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI) Confocal Profilometry
Lateral resolution <2nm <1nm 330nm* 330nm* 240nm* 240nm* 140nm*
Vertical Resolution <0.3nm <0.05nm <0.1nm
(all obj)
<0.1nm (mapping)
(all obj)
<1nm (all obj) <0.1nm*
Field of View (max) 110 x 110um 10 x 10um 4.4 x 3mm 4.4 x 3mm 5 x 3.8mm 5 x 3.8mm 2.5 x 1.5mm
Typical speed of measurement Minutes Minutes 100us 100us 3s 10s 5s
Max roughness Sa (sample dependent) ~5um 100`s of nm ~300nm ~1um ~100nm ~5um ~10s of um
Vertical Range ~22um ~2um 500um 500um 5um 10mm 10mm
Max step height ~15um ~1.8um 330nm 15um 150nm 10mm 10mm
Angle tolerance Up to 80°
(probe / sample dependent)
Up to 80°
(probe / sample dependent)
Up to 40°* Up to 40°* Up to 40°* Up to 40°* Up to 71°*

 *indicates value is objective dependent

 Sensofar PLu neox:  Combined Confocal/Interferometry

- rough samples

- low reflectivity

- steep slopes (70 degrees for smooth slopes, higher for rougher slopes)

Key Application Areas: Coatings, Solar Cells, Paper

Further information

 Lyncee Tec DHM R1000:  Digital Holographic Microscopy

- Realtime measurements (single aquisition)

- sub-nm vertical resolution with large field of view

- vibration insensitive

Key Application Areas: MEMs, MOEMs, Full wafer characterisation, Micro-optics.

Further information

 Nanosurf Nanite/easyScan 2:  Atomic Force Microscopy

- Superior lateral resolution (<2nm)

- Measurements of non-reflective and heterogenous surfaces

- Ability to obtain information about surface conductivity, chemistry, mechanics etc

Key Application Areas: Nanostructures, Nanoparticles, Polymers.

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