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FlexAFM FluidFM
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A powerful new tool that combines nanofluidics and AFM
FlexAFM FluidFM Option 

FluidFM combines the unique possibilities of nanofluidics by Cytosurge with the positional accuracy and force sensitive of the atomic force microscope to provide a whole new level of control and application possibilities in single-cell micromanipulation and beyond.

The FluidFM Option is an exclusive add-on to the Nanosurf FlexAFM and features:

  • A comprehensive package consisting of a fully integrated intuitive control software, a liquid dispensing/pressure control unit, and consumables such as liquid tubing and different microfabricated hollow cantilevers, optimized for specific tasks.
  • 3 Operating modes: (1) dispense & deliver, (2) inject & extract, (3) pick & place.
  • Unsurpassed pressure, volume, force and position control for low volume local fluid delivery/collection or object manipulations.
  • A multitude of new applications in the field of single cell biology, biosensors, nanopatterning, printed electronics, optics, etc.
The FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option is a prerequisite for using the FluidFM Option!

List of published articles
Applied Physics Letters (2010) 97, 023701
Nanoletters (2009) 9, 2501