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FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Adaptor
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Readily combine AFM with inverted optical microscope techniques
FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option 

The FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option features:
  • Adapters for Zeiss Axiovert/Axio Observer, Olympus IX2, Nikon Eclipse Ti, and Leica DMI series. Other inverted microscope makes and types upon request.
  • Intuitive operation thanks to an identical orientation of the AFM image and the inverted microscope’s optical field of view.
  • Centering of the cantilever in the optical field of view by independent movement of the AFM scan head in X and Y, with 1 mm travel parallel to each axis.
  • Alignment chip technology that eliminates the need for re-centering of the cantilever in the optical image after cantilever exchange.
  • A sample positioning range of 12 mm in X and Y.
  • A sample holder that can accommodate microscope slides as well as Petri dishes and other transparent samples.
  • The possibility to use high numerical aperture lenses in combination with cover slip bottom Petri dishes.