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RHK Technology
Innovative Design, Clever Engineering, Proven Results
At RHK, innovative design and clever engineering are mated with uniquely versatile electronics and software to create powerful UHV SPM crafted to operate in environments from UHV to air, in high Tesla magnetic fields, and at temperatures from milli-Kelvin tip and sample to >1,500 K at the sample.

The most complex UHV SPM experimental routines are enabled with RHK’s world-class research platforms. RHK systems are in use today around the globe performing STM, STS, CAFM, NC-AFM, Nanotribology, LFM, EFM, MFM, KPM, SSRM, nano-electrical measurements, and more.

RHK systems are painstakingly isolated against vibration, engineered at the nanometre scale to minimise drift, and endowed with key advantages for the user. Each is operated by RHK’s revolutionary R9 SPM Controller, a fully integrated, all-digital, ultra-fast, ultra-low noise, one-box solution for AFM (even KPM), STM, and NSOM. And all of them are fully supported through RHK’s personalized on-site training, scientific consultation, and ongoing technical service.

RHK offers three distinct UHV SPM platforms: the long-established VT AFM/STM Beetle, new LT AFM/STM Pan-style scanner, and sophisticated LT AFM/STM QuadraProbe:

PanScan Freedom
New Standard in Cryogen-Free LT SPM Systems
  • LT STM and AFM
  • Eliminates the need for expensive cryogens
  • Atomic resolution 15-400 K
  • XY drift as low as 0.2/hour
  • Z drift as low as 0.2/day
  • Superb STS
  • Chilled Tip & Sample
  • Integral X-Y Offsets
  • In-Vacuum Tip Exchange

Also available for Bath and Flow Cryostats.

R9 Controller
Next Generation All-Digital SPM Controller
  • Integrated, all-digital, single-unit SPM control system for RHK, homebuilt, and other brands of SPM
  • One-box solution supports all SPM operating modes including AFM, STM, KFM, and more
  • No extra expense of add-on hardware or software modules
  • Ultra-fast, ultra low-noise performance
  • User-customizable graphical drag-and-drop interface
  • Supports LabVIEW VIs
  • Internal integrated lock-in amplifiers, no external units or cabling
  • Inherently Stable: Ultra Low Drift
  • Atomic resolution 25-1500 K
  • Full Range Contact & NC-AFM
  • Open Optical Access: Multiple Viewing Angles
  • 6 Electrical Contacts: TC, Heating, BEEM, etc.
  • Variable Magnetic Field
QuadraprobeTM LT AFM/STM
  • 4 Probes
  • Chilled Tips & Sample
  • Atomic Resolution on Each Probe
  • 5nm SEM
  • Tuning Fork and Cathode Luminescence Options
  • Prep & Analysis Packages