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Smart microsystems

Developer and Supplier of Silicon Microdevices

SMART microsystems' silicon microdevices give the researcher access to prefabricated, reproducible sensor substrates and microelectrodes for the first time.

Founded in 1995 to research, develop and manufacture silicon microdevices, such as microelectrodes, microsensors, and microactuators.

The Company utilies technology arising from the Universities of Southampton and Warwick and is located in the Barclays Venture Centre on the University of Warwick Science Park near Coventry.

Smart Microsystems can also undertake research, product development and manufacture custom products to meet your emerging electrochemical and sensor needs.

Recently, our range has expanded to include devices with coatings which are stable in organic solvents as well as water, giving access to a wide range of non-aqueous chemical systems.

We supply two main categories of addressable electrodes, and have recently extended our range to include heated and interdigitated devices.