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Stroboscopic Module
Stroboscopic Module 
For in-plane / out-of-plane full-field 3D measurements of ultra-fast moving micro-structures within a single acquisition

Used in conjunction with DHM, the Lyncée Tec stroboscopic module delivers dynamic contactless characterization of micro-devices with nanometer vertical resolution. Key features of the module are:
  • frequency range up to 25 MHz
  • user-selectable laser pulse freezing time down to 7.5 ns
  • generation of any periodic or repeated impulse driving signal for characterization of key micro-structure parameters
  • recording of external input signals
  • continuous frequency scan to approach resonance

The stroboscopic package for DHM family of reflection and transmission configurations enables 3D dynamic response measurements and analysis of your products as they move for both material and life science applications.

Fields of application include inertial and pressure sensors, inkjet heads, optical and RF MEMS/MOEMS, cantilevers, micro-mirrors, micro-fuel cells, biochips, micro-fluidic devices… Packaged devices can easily be characterized through any glass window, as well as immerged samples.

Key device parameters can be characterized such as:
  • shape, deformation, distortion and tilt / angle
  • dynamic response
  • critical dimensions
  • surface texture
  • thermal dilatation, elastic modulus...

The modular design of DHM and its proprietary stroboscopic electronics permit its integration to MEMS probe stations and can control and drive up to max. 256 I/O cards simultaneously. Each one delivers a driving signal and allows the recording of synchronized digital and analog signals. The stroboscopic parameters can be adjusted at any moment by software and the response can be visualized in real-time. Furthermore non periodic movement capturing can be enhanced with an optional ultra fast camera.

The stroboscopic module comes with intuitive and powerful software integrated into Koala Software to synchronize illumination with device movements, to record, visualize and analyze the micro-device’s functionality and true dynamic response.

Compatible instruments:

R2200 series, R2100 series, R1100 series, T1001