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Your Versatile AFM System for Materials and Life Science
The Nanosurf easyScan 2 FlexAFM 

Easy-to-use: in air or liquid
The easyScan 2 Flex AFM brings a new dimension to the easyScan line of SPMs. The Flex scan head expands the capabilities of the easyScan systems - adding new operational modes as well as liquid imaging, even while maintaining the easyScan`s ease of use. When switching from air to liquid, laser and detector alignment is still not necessary.

The FlexAFM`s flexure-based electromagnetic scanner allows metrology like applications in air or liquid. The scanner is linear, flat, and fast. With Nanosurf`s SureAlign patented technology, laser alignment is never needed - even when switching between ambient and liquid environments


Flexure-Based Scanner Technology

The performance of the new 2 FlexAFM scan head is also at a whole new level. The electro-magnetically actuated flexure-based scanner technology enables metrology-like applications, even in liquid. It is flat, linear, rugged, and fast!


SureAlign™ Laser Optics

The SureAlign™ laser optics (patent pending) eliminate laser adjustment once and for all, simply because the laser beam shift that normally occurs upon immersion into liquid is completely absent in the FlexAFM scan head. As a result, you are always working with an optimal laser signal.


Top and Side View

Our sample observation optics continuously provide a clear top and side view of the sample and cantilever, regardless of the measuring environment. The quality of our side view in liquid is unique, and is of great help during sample approach.


The Cantilever Holder

A specially designed cantilever holder allows wet samples to be measured in the same manner as dry samples. Changing between the two environments is also a breeze. The choice really is yours! Just place any dry or immersed wet sample under the scan head and start measuring.


System setup and operation have remained simple and straightforward. Hook up the scan head to the easyScan 2 controller, connect the USB cable to your computer, start the software, and you’re ready to go — in minutes!

The FlexAFM sample stage provides an easy way to positionand approach samples of various thickness and type. Even samples in liquid containers, such as standard Petri dishes, fit on the sample stage and can be accessed by the FlexAFM without any hassle. At the same time, three leveling screws on the FlexAFM scan head maintain the scan head’s capability to perform stand-alone measurements without sample stage.

The heart of the FlexAFM system, the "Liquid Ready" easyScan 2 controller, is as affordable and individually configurable as ever. All easyScan 2 modules and options (including previous easyScan 2 AFM and STM scan heads) are fully compatible, conferring even more versatility to your FlexAFM system.


Key Features & Benefits

- True measurement flexibility in air and in liquid

- Flat, linear, and fast scanning thanks to the flexure-based scanner technology

- More measurement versatility with the FlexAFM’s liquid capabilities and added Lateral Force mode

- No more laser adjustment because of SureAlign™ optics

- Easy sample positioning and approach thanks to a clear top and side view in air and liquid

- Quick setup, easy handling, and immediate results because of Nanosurf’s “ease of use” concept and design