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Welcome to the NEW Generation of Scanning Probe Microscopes - the Nanosurf easyScan2.

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Windsor Scientific has launched the new Nanosurf easyScan2 series of scanning probe microscopes. The portable and easy-to-use easyScan2 offers a unique, fully modular design giving you a professional and affordable system tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Modular inserts into a single electronics box extends the controllers capabilities and can take you from basic AFM imaging with a further option of dynamic force capabilities to atomic resolution STM imaging. Various scan heads and software modules add to the flexibility of the easyScan2 system.

The neat, transportable easyScan2 STM module permits quick atomic resolution imaging on a normal table without the need for expensive vibration isolation. Rapid tip and sample exchange makes the instrument ideal for both teaching and research applications.

The AFM module can fit into every lab and with its compact and portable design, it is able to measure small and large samples alike. Cantilever alignment chip technology allows easy tip change without adjustment and an automated approach makes the system ideal for educational purposes. Intelligent electromagnetic scan head technology boasts low noise and power consumption and allows reduction in the cost without affecting precision performance. A dual lens system integrated into the AFM head shows top and side views for easy sample positioning. A video module compatible with all AFM scan heads allows users to toggle between top and side views directly on the computer screen which can be saved for subsequent reference. The dynamic AFM and multimode packages present a solution for imaging soft or sensitive samples.

The Nanosurf easyScan2 software is standard for all heads with automatic head recognition and users can select the software level from easy through to advanced. The instrument capabilities extend from spot checking nanocircuitry to phase contrast and spreading resistance measurements. The instrument is able to satisfy a full range of applications from visualising nanostructure surfaces or diffraction gratings in a wide variety of industries from display aerospace to engineering and electronics to materials research.