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Automated Nanomechanical Analysis & Diangnostics

A new tool for automated nanomechanical tissue diagnostics and soft material analysis

Nanomechanical investigations of tissues such as Breast, Cartilage, Retina, have opened new ways to better understand and diagnose diseases like osteoarthritis [1] and cancer [2].

ARTIDIS® (Automated Reliable Tissue DIagnosticS) — developed by Nanosurf, the Biozentrum of the University of Basel, and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute — provides nanomechanical investigations (including stiffness and adhesion measurements) and their quantitative and statistical analysis. Nanomechanical measurements on suspect tissues, for example, provide a characteristic “fingerprint” that allows automatic classification into healthy tissue, benign material, or malignant tumor [2].

Besides its primarily clinical application, the current ARTIDIS instrumentation (based on the FlexAFM scan head, the C3000 controller, the ATS 204 automated translation stage, and specifically developed control and evaluation software) can also be used for force mapping and automated material hardness/elasticity/adhesion measurements and calculations on rubber, plastics, soft coatings, block-copolymers, tissue samples, cell matrix, tissue scaffolds, and many other irregular materials.

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2. Plodinec M. et al. (2012), Nature Nanotechnology 7, 757–765.