About Us

Mission Statement

“Our purpose is to provide research and development instrumentation to stimulate the advancement of scientific research for the benefit of the community.”

In consideration of this, our customers’ needs will be supported both at a business and intellectual level whilst respecting and providing a harmonious working environment for our employees.

Windsor Scientific has traded since 1989 as a sole distributor for manufacturers of scientific instrumentation and consumables from around the world. We provide scientists and educators with innovative systems for research, development and education as well as quality control equipment for industry.

From a company specialising in tools for electrochemistry and environmental monitoring we have evolved to become a micro/nanotechnology company, currently focussing on instruments for surface science. We pride ourselves on representing small, independent but innovative, technology leading manufacturers of unique instrumentation.

Now beginning our 28th year trading we continue to provide high quality, unique instruments to the Scientific Community without losing focus on providing local support our existing customer base.



Nanosurf AG, Switzerland

Founded in 1997 and partnered with Windsor Scientific in 1999, Nanosurf are a Swiss based high-tech company providing scanning probe microscopes to customers around the globe. Their product range starts with very compact AFM and STM instruments, followed by state-of-the-art research atomic force microscope systems, all the way up to fully customized and comprehensive next‑level solutions. Nanosurf’s customers in research, industry and teaching value the innovative approach, modularity, and ease of use of their products.

RHK Technology, Inc., USA

Founded in 1981, RHK Technology brings over 25 years of experience to the design and manufacture of advanced UHV SPM instruments. RHK’s worldwide install base continues to grow and now includes over 175 systems and 1000 controllers. Everyday, in university and government labs around the globe, RHK research platforms lead to new discoveries in nanotechnology.

RHK was the first company to commercialise a closed cycle low temperature SPM system, a system capable of imaging at 9K with no expensive liquid cryogens, saving both cost and time.

NanoAndMore GmbH

NanoAndMore GMBH, Germany

Founded in 2002, NanoAndMore is the European distributor for AFM probes from Nanosensors, NanoWorld, BudgetSensors, MikroMasch and Nanotools, as well as providing calibration standards and other products for nanotechnology.

As the UK and Ireland distributor for these companies we can offer a full range of AFM probes, both premium quality and affordable, as well as the newest innovative developments in probe technology from NanoSensors research labs and others. We offer direct support for all probes regardless of your AFM type, with telephone and email support for application questions and probe type advice.

Lyncee Tec

Lyncée Tec AG, Switzerland

For over 10 years Windsor Scientific has been working with Lyncée Tec, an innovative, dynamic and customer focused company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It offers matured holographic microscopes based on the revolutionary patented Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM®) technology.

This unique technology has applications in materials research, life sciences and quality control, in particular for MEMS characterisation. With the ability of measure full field measurements in 3D in real time, with nanometric resolution Lyncée Tec instruments are opening up new opportunities for research scientists, process engineers and inspection labs.

Sensofar Logo

Sensofar Metrology, Barcelona

Sensofar Metrology is part of the Sensofar Group, a multi-national company located close to Barcelona, in the technological heart of Spain. Their mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialise high-end metrology tools based on non-contact 3D optical profilometry.

Sensofar’s instruments are based on a unique patented microdisplay technology that allows the systems to work in three different modes, confocal, interferometry and focus variation, without internal moving parts for market leading performance. Windsor Scientific has been working with Sensofar for over 5 years.