AFM Probes and Calibration Standards

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For 14 years Windsor Scientific has been providing probes and accessories to the AFM community with fast, reliable delivery and UK technical support via email and telephone. We offer a wide range of brands with various cantilever, tip and coating types, for almost all AFM modes including:

Contact Mode
Non-Contact / Standard Tapping Mode
Non-Contact / Soft Tapping Mode
Force Modulation (FM) Mode
Fluid Tapping Mode
Ultra High Frequency Modes
Conductive AFM Modes (CFM, EFM, KPFM, PFM)
Magnetic AFM Modes
Lateral Force Mode (LFM)
Nanomechanical Mapping

Our range of standard AFM probes include:

Life Science AFM Probes
Colloidal AFM Probes
Supersharp Tapping Mode AFM Probes
Supersharp AFM Probes
Diamond AFM Probes
Hardened / Enhanced Wear Resistance AFM Probes
Nanoindentation and Lithography AFM Probes
High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM Probes
Silicon Nitride AFM Probes
Tipless AFM Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays Plateau AFM Tips

We also offer specialised AFM probes including:

Ultra Short AFM Cantilevers
Ultra High Frequency AFM Probes
High Quality Factor AFM Cantilevers
Self-Sensing & Self-Actuating AFM Probes
Sphere AFM Tips
Functionalized / Modified / Chemical AFM Probes
Platinum Silicide AFM Probes
Scanning Thermal Microscopy AFM Probes
ScanAsyst ®** PeakForce Tapping ™** AFM Probes
Premounted AFM Probes

Please feel free to contact us with your application and we can recommend a probe type.


Probe Brands

List of Brands:

  • NanoSensors
  • NanoWorld
  • BudgetSensors
  • MikroMasch
  • Nanotools
  • SQube
  • NanoAndMore