Digital Holographic Camera

  • 3D imaging camera for fluorescence microscopes
  • Quantitative Phase Microscopy (QPM) measurements
  • Label-free realtime imaging with nanometric resolution
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Digital Holographic Camera
Turn your Fluorescence Microscope into Quantitative Phase Microscope


The Digital Holographic Camera is a cost-effective module that can readily be attached to the side port of your fluorescence microscope. It allows to easily obtain phase images from a standard fluorescence microscope with a simple module addition.

If you are already equipped with a fluorescence microscope you don’t need to get a full standalone DHM® to gain the advantages of label-free imaging. Simply mount the Digital Holographic Camera module to one of your microscope’s side port to obtain the full benefit of non-invasive quantitative phase imaging.

The Digital Holographic Camera 5 Mpixels camera provides a 4X larger field of view compared to standard imaging devices with a higher spatial and temporal resolution. Thus allowing to quantify fine and fast changes occurring in your sample in a completely non-invasive way.

The Digital Holographic Camera is specifically dedicated for Life Sciences applications, offering the same capabilities as our stand-alone transmission DHM® on most classical samples (microscopy slides, Petri dish, etc.).

Flowing RBC imaged at 20x using the Digital Holographic Camera (click for animation)

DHM in Life Sciences

In the field of life sciences,  the DHM®-T and the HoloK camera provides precise Quantitative Phase Measurements (QPM) of living cell cultures up to confluence, without the use of any contrast agent and with very low illumination power. Both enable the ability to perform high content screening, time lapse measurements and diagnostics. Used in conjunction with the fluorescence module, it enables simultaneous DHM® and fluorescence measurements.

  • Absolute quantitative measurements –  yield terms involved in many underlying biological processes
  • Label-free, strictly non-invasive –  NO phototoxicity, NO photobleaching, NO photothermal effects
  • 4D: dynamical time-analysis of cells morphology – No scan necessary, Digital focusing allows post measurement focus adjustment



Large field of view: 1.2*1.2 mm (at 10x)
Camera: 5 Mpixels sCMOS sensor
High acquisition speed: up to 75 fps
System dimension: 50*20*20 cm
Magnification: from 5x to 100x
Lateral resolution: MO dependent


Life Science

  • Time-lapse measurements
  • Cell tracking
  • Cell differentiation
  • Cell cycle monitoring
  • Cell proliferation and morphology
  • Optical Patch Clamp Measurements
  • Transmembrane Water Flux Measurements
  • Electroneutral transporter monitoring
  • Hematological parameter measurement