Digital Holographic Microscope – Lens-less 3D Sensor

  • Real-time 3D topographic sensor for industrial applications
  • Non-contact 3D imaging with nanometric vertical resolution
  • No scanning mechanism – vibration resistant
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Lens-Less sensor

The Lens-less sensor is a fixed field of view DHM®, this unique patented design is robust and ideal for industrial applications.  The reflection configuration measures 3D topography with a sub-nanometric resolution.

Digital holography offers significant advantages compare to other 3D optical profilometers:

  • Fast measurement
  • Insensitive to surrounding vibrations
  • Digital focalization : doesn’t require mechanical displacement
  • The laser wavelength is the height reference: no drawbacks from scanning mechanisms

Ideal for automation

  • Compact design for easy integration
  • Camera outside of the main body for easy maintenance
  • External laser source for easy integration and maintenance

Adapted to your needs

  • Single or dual wavelength configuration
  • Long coherence laser source on request
  • High resolution sensor on request
  • Wafer Analysis
  • In-line automation
  • Industrial inspection
  • Field of view : 6mm x 6mm
  • Lateral resolution : 10 um
  • Vertical resolution : 0.5 nm
  • Working distance : 10 mm
  • Acceptance angle : 0.8°
  • CMOS Camera : 4 Mpx