R9plus Controller – Ultimate SPM Control

  • Exceptional signal quality: all digital, purpose-built hardware
  • Works with any SPM system
  • One box integration for complete SPM operation modes
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BUILT for a PURPOSE: Your Research, Your Success

When you are pioneering the frontiers of Nanoscience, you can count on RHK’s new R9plus SPM Controller to lead the way. Its remarkable advancements originate from direct user feedback, RHK’s Technical Advisory Board, and our own top scientists.

Explore with Confidence
With the plus Advantage, no Controller is better equipped or more capable to take on any research challenge you face.

History behind R9plus
RHK’s original R9 brought great new capabilities and fresh thinking to the SPM field worldwide. It even forced design re-thinking in our competitors’ systems. Although they tried to catch up, they couldn’t match up to R9.

Meanwhile, our continuous improvement process evolved R9 well beyond our prior breakthroughs and achievements. With so many new capabilities and ever-improved, ever-expanding firmware, a new model emerged. This is R9plus.

While we pledge our continued support for existing R9 units and customers, we proudly announce our new R9 successor: R9plus.

With R9plus, RHK sets the standard as the Innovation Leader for SPM Control. Over 1,000 RHK original “Blue Box” Controllers were installed worldwide. Then we revolutionized the field with R9 integrated Controllers. More than 225 R9s are producing published results today. Now, RHK surpasses the market yet again with R9plus.

Uniquely integrated in one box, R9plus unites near-limitless flexibility and power with thoughtfully designed single-click simplicity and rock-solid stability. R9plus’s refined and expanded firmware, software, and even further improved analog circuitry give you highest performance and confident command.

Only from RHK The Innovation Leader

Key Features

One Box Integration – PLL, LIA, HV Plus all AM and FM modes including multifrequency and multipass Patented Phase Sync

Multi-speed data path – A revolutionary way to have both high speed (100MHz @16bit) and high precision (25kHz @ 22bit) measurements with perfect synchronization

Probe Guard capabilities – Fast failsafe tip approach (5μs response) Lock Guard (5μs response) Transient Recorder (10ns response) Auto continue scan when back in range Time Based Data Acquisition ensures all data is captured

Data recording/acquisition – Time Based Data Acquisition Continuous real-time streaming of measurement data Bandwidth DC-17MHz @ 16bit

Data Guard – dataSAFE records all data in history files. Even in the event of power outage all data is saved and safe

Microscope Diagnostic Tools – Transient Recorder 100MHz acquisition 50MHz FFT Oscilloscope 4 channels @ 50kHz Data Logger continuously record data over long time periods

Fast tip approach – Fast failsafe tip approach (5μs response) Uniques AC capacitance approach reduced tip approach time to ~8 seconds even when 2-3mm away from surface

Spectroscopy capabilities – PerfectSpec and Time Based Data Acquisition guarantees nothing is discarded and no gaps in measurement cycle

LabView integration – Inventor SDK allows LabView communication with R9/R9plus

Easy Upgrade Path – User swappable board upgrade enables advanced firmware

Multifrequency Measurements – Up to 6 lock-ins or 2 PLLs and 4 Lock-ins

Advanced PLL Measurements – 2 PLLs can be linked or completely independent

Ultra low noise HV outputs – Low frequency noise density of High Voltage outputs reduced from 165 (R9) to 42 (R9plus) μV/√Hz (typical)

Improved data transfer speed – Up to 5x faster scan speed

Optional HV amplifiers for up to 8 additional outputs – Control 2 separate scan systems from 1 IHDL file (Ex. Tube scanner plus Stage scanner)

Easy imaging mode switching – Change imaging modes without loading new IHDL file

Surpass 32-bit memory limits – True 64-bit software for collection and processing of larger data sets

Access all I/O signals – Configurable control and routing of 60+ I/O signals