DHM Reflectometer – Patterned Thin Film Analyser

  • Non-contact topography of thin film coated materials
  • Thin film thickness with metrological precision
  • Measure the 3D topography of transparent liquids and soft materials
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DHM® Reflectometry

Transparent pattern characterization by DHM® is a unique solution to measure 3D topography AND thin film thickness of transparent structures on a reflective substrate.

Typical transparent SiO2 pattern characterized by DHM reflectometry analysis

Measures topography, thickness and refractive indices of transparent structures

  • Measurement of surface structures from 10 nanometers to several microns
  • Measurement of refractive indices
  • Characterization of deposited or etched structures composed of up to 3 layers
  • Non-contact method, ideal to measure liquids and soft materials
  • Full field measurement, no scanning required
The 3D topography as well as the thicknesses and refractive indices of patterned transparent samples are retrieved by a dedicated post-analysis software by computing the complete reflected wavefront based on the laws of physics. As such the DHM provides a solution to measure the correct topography while measurements with traditional optical profilometry are affected by the multiple reflections of the light signal occurring in transparent materials.

Dedicated Thin Film Analysis Software:

A database containing many materials refractive indices and sample structures is available and can be constantly updated by the user ensuring fast reflectometry analysis of samples. The accuracy of measurement is improved by reducing as much as possible the unknown parameters and by increasing the number of wavelengths for the acquisition.


The database of Sample/Model structures consists of schematic of the patterned sample. The model structure consists not only on the sample multilayer but also on the surrounding medium.

  • Patterned transparent thin films
  • Semiconductor coatings (SiO2 and thin metal layers)
  • Protection coatings
  • SIMS crater measurements
  • Fluid topography on a substrate