Transmission DHM Series – Quantitative Phase Microscope

  • Non-contact real time 3D imaging in transmission
  • Quantitative Phase Microscopy (QPM) measurements
  • Nanometric resolution
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Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM®) – Quantitative Phase Microscope

The Transmission DHM®-Series instruments are designed for measuring transparent or semi-transparent samples.

Life Sciences

In the field of life sciences,  the DHM®-T provides precise Quantitative Phase Measurements (QPM) of living cell cultures up to confluence, without the use of any contrast agent and with very low illumination power. The DHM®-T is an ideal instrument for high content screening, time lapse measurements and diagnostics. Used in conjunction with the optional fluorescence module, it enables simultaneous DHM® and fluorescence measurements.

  • Absolute quantitative measurements –  yield terms involved in many underlying biological processes
  • Label-free, strictly non-invasive –  NO phototoxicity, NO photobleaching, NO photothermal effects
  • 4D: dynamical time-analysis of cells morphology – No scan necessary, Digital focusing allows post measurement focus adjustment

High temporal resolution

  • 3D topography acquisition rate up to 1000 frames per second
  • Data acquisition time typically 100 μs (optionally 10 μs)

Live 3D measurement and analysis with metrological precision and stability

  • Large vertical measurement range, up to 200 μm without any scanning
  • Sub-nanometer vertical resolution
  • Laser based vertical calibration

Flexible instrument

  • Large working space around the sample for tooling and experimental set-up
  • Large choice of objectives to measure in various environmental conditions
  • Motorized Stages for fast stitching.
  • Ability to measure through a transparent window

Unique Add-ons

  • Exceptional performance for in-plane and out-of-plane MEMS characterisation (link)
  • DHM reflectometry module for structured thin film analysis

Lyncée Tec has developed the DHM® technology from its invention to its maturity as a product and has the competence and flexibility to offer customised and OEM systems.


Life Science

  • Time-lapse measurements
  • Cell tracking
  • Cell differentiation
  • Cell cycle monitoring
  • Cell proliferation and morphology
  • Optical Patch Clamp Measurements
  • Transmembrane Water Flux Measurements
  • Electroneutral transporter monitoring
  • Hematological parameter measurement

Materials Science

  • Characterization of micro optics (shape, refractive index, optical transfer function).
  • Steep slope transparent samples (micro-corner cubes, Fresnel lenses)
  • Micro-fluidics devices characterisation
  • 3D- particle flow velocimetry